Trailblazer @ Al’s Bar 3.31.11

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Given Trailblazer’s proclivity for dissonance, I figured his live show might be kind of a mess. After most bands are only weirder live, right? And that bit is at least a little true of Coleman’s shows as Trailblazer. His songs are buried under even more distortion. The are not, however, lost in the mix.

MP3: Trailblazer – Mallard

I really, really enjoyed Trailblazer’s set at Al’s Bar last week. It was more distorted than most of his recorded stuff I’ve heard, but he kept the insanity on a tight leash. And really, it was refreshing to see a one man band get to go wild on the guitar. I didn’t really know it until Thursday, but Lexington needed Trailblazer. We’ve got a varied musical community that’s always changing, but there will always be a need for Trailblazer.

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