[MP3] Miracle Fortress: “Raw Spectacle”

I knew we would be getting a new Miracle Fortress record soon, but it’s great to get some real info on it. Was I the Wave? will be out May 17 on Secret City Records. And not only do we have the release date and tracklist (after the break), but we have our first sample of the record as well! Check out the free download of “Raw Spectacle.”

Head to MiracleFortress.com to download “Raw Spectacle”

Tracklist for the album is after the break.

Was I The Wave? Track Listing:

1. Awe
2. Tracers
3. Raw Spectacle
4. Wave
5. Spectre
6. Everything Works
7. Before
8. Miscalculations
9. Immanent Domain
10. Until

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