[MP3] Ladybug Transistor: “Clutching Stems”

The Ladybug Transistor are back! If you’d asked me to bet if they were broken up or not, I definitely would have gone with broken up. But no, they’re still alive and — as “Clutching Stems” proves — very kicking.

MP3: Ladybug Transistor – Clutching Stems
I like my Ladybug Transistors songs to be on the drifting pop side, like their classic record Albemarle Sound, but “Clutching Stems” is a bit more simple. If the Minders ever wrote songs for They Might Be Giants, this is probably close to what the result would sound like.

Ladybug Transistor on Merge

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  1. But what’s Sasha Bell up to? Hers were my favorite LB songs. Doesn’t look like the Essex Green has done much recently, either.

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