Drive-By Truckers to play free instore at CD Central

When I heard that the Drive-By Truckers were playing back-to-back nights at Buster’s in Lexington, I immediately told my boss at the record store to try to get them for an instore. We just got word back that they’ll be swinging by sometime on Saturday to play a free show at CD Central. No word yet on the time, but we’ll figure that out soon enough.

Drive-By Truckers
at CD Central
Saturday April 9
Free | All Ages

Worried the record store might fill up before you can get there? They still have tickets to both DBT shows at CD Central.

2 thoughts on “Drive-By Truckers to play free instore at CD Central”

  1. I can only imagine a scenario where I show up to my job and hear a live version of “Used To Be A Cop”, but I am glad to hear that it could very well be your upcoming reality.

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