[MP3/VIDEO] Portugal. The Man debut new song “Senseless”

I don’t know how you do it, but I tend to combat the horrible period of waiting for something you want by trying to ignore it. It usually works, though I admit to having been surprised by Christmas in the past. This time, though, it was a blessing. I’ve been trying to forget that Portugal. The Man are finished with at least one album and that it’ll be coming out this year. That made it all the more exciting to stumble upon this new song that the group played in Austin.

MP3: Portugal. The Man – Senseless (new; live)

“Senseless” sounds incredible. It’s at the Satanic Satanist-level of rock for them. If this is on the next album — which it only makes sense that it would be — then I’m sure it’ll be another in a long series of classics by them.

One thought on “[MP3/VIDEO] Portugal. The Man debut new song “Senseless””

  1. with the way they churn out albums, i bet this song will be on the new album they are working on… as in the album that will be released 2-3 albums from now

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