[VIDEO] Death From Above 1979 reunite at SXSW, literal riot ensues

DFA1979: “Romantic Rights”

Death From Above 1979’s reunion and first live show in five years was a strongly-rumored possibility going into SXSW 2011, but seeing as how I spent the weekend in West Virginia with no internet, this is the first I’m seeing of it. The results of DFA1979 playing a smaller bar in Austin were predictable: packed house, overflowing crowd, torn down fence and mini riot followed by police intervention.

If you want to see footage of the giant, angry crowd that you might call a “riot,” just hit up Youtube for a ton of perspectives. If you want footage of the actual performance, well, that I can help with. Here’s seven videos of the fantastic reunion.

DFA1979: “Blood On Our Hands”

See the rest of the performance after the break.

DFA1979: “Black History Month”

DFA1979: “Cold War”

DFA1979: “Turn it Out”

DFA1979: “Going Steady”

DFA1979: “Too Much Love”

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