Turns out Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is actually by Bob Dylan

I bet you feel silly now, Internet. Turns out the ungodly horrible “Friday” by Rebecca Black is actually just a 2011 update to a forgotten Bob Dylan song. I bet when ol’ Bob sings “Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes after…wards” you don’t feel like laughing.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s been some confusion among my readers. This is 100% a joke. I figured that was so obvious that I didn’t need to spell it out. Now I have and the joke’s ruined. I could blame the people who didn’t get it, but instead I’ll blame myself for being unable to walk the thin line of sarcasm wherein everyone gets that this is a joke and that I’m playing along.

20 thoughts on “Turns out Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is actually by Bob Dylan”

  1. I’m trying to figure out if you’re serious or not, because it’s a cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday, not the other way around.

  2. I know I’m supposed to think that this is a great song when Bob Dylan sings it, just because it’s Bob Dylan — and certainly his is in a completely different category than Rebecca Black — but they are still awful lyrics.

  3. Okay — I have to publicly state that I did do my own research and this does appear to not be a real Bob Dylan song. I rescind my previous comment…. Except the part about this being a bad song no matter who sings it.

  4. i don’t know how credibility works in this new world of “blahgs” but using the vernacular of around the year 2006 “you just got served”.

    i know this isn’t really an opinion/research blog, as your reviews of albums/shows seem about as deep as a tub of ben & jerry’s, but come on dude…perhaps you should stick to taking corporate money for ads and posting Of Montreal covers or whatever it is that keeps greasing this thing.

  5. Amanda: not really sure what you’re angry about. If you want to air a complaint to me directly, my email is easy to find. If you want to keep yelling angrily into the void, keep at it.

  6. ben –
    5 minutes on the old google would’ve proven that this isn’t a bob dylan song. FACT.
    the insult hurling (really?) was more of a response to the condescending tone of the original post. the confusion comes into play when a blog i frequent, and somewhat enjoy, gets something like this so obviously wrong. i wouldn’t expect that from yanp.

    i’m sorry if i hurt the bloggers feelings. i just think the whole thing is silly.

  7. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Are you serious? Amanda, this entire post is a joke. I felt it was so completely obvious that I could post it as such. There’s no way Bob Dylan wrote this song. That only slightly sounds like Bob anyway. My comment linking to another parody video only made that more clear — at least I thought.

  8. Wow, Amanda…are you really THAT “stoopid”? Two people have tried to set you straight and you still don’t “get it”. Go home.

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