[MP3] Oregon Bike Trails: “Swimsuit”

I was writing a post when this popped up in my RSS reader. I hit play and within 10 seconds I had saved the first post to a draft and started writing this one. Hell, the song isn’t even done playing yet and I’m already burning through this opening paragraph. That’s how much I already love this song.

MP3: Oregon Bike Trails – Swimsuit
I think this guy must’ve had a similar musical foundation as mine. Each song of his reminds me of a different 60s pop song mixed with a contemporary approach to songwriting, melody and production. The mix, thankfully, is a perfect soundtrack for our generation’s adventures in the sun. “Swimsuit” recalls the best parts of Vampire Weekend, Cults and Tennis. I have a feeling this is the beginning of something fantastic.

Snag more free OBT at his Bandcamp page

Thanks to PP and NMB

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