[MP3] Lumens: “Brother Bear”

My friend Cody moved to New York a little over a year ago and seems to be getting along great. Yesterday he put me in touch with one of his musical collaborators, Adam from Lumens. Adam just finished up Phantasmagoria, a folksy record of guitars, violin and voice.

MP3: Lumens – Brother Bear
If Conor Oberst had written this track, most of his fans would be pissed at him for retreading the same ground he was working on a decade ago (though secretly it’s what they want). But I’m super pleased with this track from Lumens. It’s folk out the wazoo, but is not for one second boring. “Brother Bear” maintains a bit of tension, but still often sounds like a party. You know. After repeated listens, I’ve decided that it sounds a good deal more like Sea Wolf. No wonder I like it so much!

Lumens on Bandcamp

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