Teach the Controversy: did GEICO rip off Holy Fuck’s vid?

In what is sure to be a massive lawsuit — and at the least an excuse to post a great music video again — GEICO’s newest commercial looks a lot like the video for Holy Fuck’s “Red Lights.”

[and did I rip off Bill Beal? Kinda, yeah.]

6 thoughts on “Teach the Controversy: did GEICO rip off Holy Fuck’s vid?”

  1. Inspired by Toonces? Sure. But Holy Fuck took a kernel of an idea (cat drives car) from almost twenty years ago and turned it into a wild video (dog chases cat in cars, lots of 70s footage). Then five months later (after HF’s video has over 1 million views), GEICO has a commercial that doesn’t really change much from that same idea.

  2. No it was the Holy Fuck video that introduced the car-chase idea. I know the guys who did it. Toonces wasn’t really a part of it. The genesis was basically “Bullit with cats”.

    The Geico commercial is clearly ripped of from the music video. Not only the 70s care chases, but right down to the psychedelic magenta/green colour-correct on the footage. A very blatant rip off of Holy Fuck’s video and not Toonces.

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