Heypenny @ Cosmic Charlies 2.19.11

Heypenny were a ton of fun. It’s no surprise that I was really into them midway through my collegiate career. Who would have thought it’d take me nearly five years to see them live?

My real takeaway realization was that Heypenny probably have the record for the longest I’ve ever seen a band keep such a high level of intensity, despite no help from the crowd. Much like Andy D, Heypenny were battling a crowd that was, for the most part, still seated in the back — but they didn’t care. They kept it going on all burners for the whole show. Their bassist was especially a madman. He danced and jumped his way through the whole set. When he knocked the microphone stand out of place, he grabbed it with one hand and played bass with the other, seemingly without missing a note.

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