Andy D @ Cosmic Charlie’s 2.18.11

Do: go see Andy D

Do Not: go see Andy D sober with a crowd full of uptight people.

Andy D wound up playing two sets at his Cosmic Charlie’s show. The first was a really fun set that garnered very little love from the crowd, the second was a surprise encore at the end of the night. As I gathered from his Youtube videos, Andy D is a wild man in a jean jacket. His songs are half insane, half brilliant and always in your face. The problem is that when he’s the opener — as he was on this night — he’s playing to a 1/5 full bar of people who just got their first drink. So it took a few songs for us to warm up to him.

For me it took three songs before I was an Andy D fan. I think what really sold me is when he introduced a song with this: “This song is about my hypothetical friend _____. It’s not about meth, because when I wrote it I didn’t know she sold meth.” Genius.

Andy ended his set in a viking helmet and fur vest to some decent applause and cheers. It wasn’t until he showed up on stage after Big Fresh had finished their show that things really got going. This time when he leaned forward with the microphone, there was an actual crowd ready to shout back things like “God loves drunk chicks!” or “Ragnarok ‘n Roll!” I’m pretty sure that crowd interaction is about half the reason to go to an Andy D show. So see him with fun, enthusiastic people. Failing that, see him with drunk people.

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