[MP3] Gobble Gobble: “Lawn Knives”

I picked this up today from a friend. I know next to nothing about the group, but hey — I started this site so we could all discover music together. I feel no shame admitting that all I know about this band is what I picked up from their insanely painful Myspace page.

MP3: Gobble Gobble – Lawn Knives
A thought crept into my head during the fourth listen to “Lawn Knives” and I can’t get it out. It was that Gobble Gobble sounds like Handsome Furs and Sunset Rubdown collaborating (but does NOT sound like Wolf Parade), under the condition that it was done when Spencer and Dan were both 15. It’s energetic, crowded in an oddly appealing way and really just a beautiful mess.

I’ve been told Gobble Gobble are quite good live. Well, technically I’ve read that they’re like “nothing I’ve ever seen.” The following video proves that at least that much is true. Looks like a wild time!

3 thoughts on “[MP3] Gobble Gobble: “Lawn Knives””

  1. Agree with Mark. I’m from Edmonton (alberta, in Canada) which is where they’re from and they’ve come quite the ways from their basement shows at Castle Awesome last year. But I can say that they’ve developed their chops and their shows are getting better and better. Expect to dance and sweat pits !

  2. I listened to these dudes a while ago on a recommendation from a friend and it was not even remotely close to this good. If they keep progressing at this rate, they will be the Beatles of ecstasy addled dance bands in no time.

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