[VIDEO] Broken Bells play “Heartless Empire” off new EP

Broken Bells’ new EP Meyrin Fields hit stores this week, but you don’t have to wait months to see those songs lives. You can check out a live studio performance of “Heartless Empire” over at Spinner. It sounds a little less powerful than their set at the Mohawk did, but I guess not having a real audience can subtract a bit from the performance.

Watch Broken Bells play “Heartless Empire” at Spinner.com

[MP3] Miracle Fortress: “Raw Spectacle”

I knew we would be getting a new Miracle Fortress record soon, but it’s great to get some real info on it. Was I the Wave? will be out May 17 on Secret City Records. And not only do we have the release date and tracklist (after the break), but we have our first sample of the record as well! Check out the free download of “Raw Spectacle.”

Head to MiracleFortress.com to download “Raw Spectacle”

Tracklist for the album is after the break.

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[VIDEO] Portugal the Man play two new songs on tour, cover Destiny’s Child

Portugal. The Man: “We Got It All”

I would start this with some comment about how Portugal. The Man have been up to a lot lately, but any fan of the band would immediately say “yeah, you think?” These are some busy, busy guys. They’ve got their 2011 major-label-debut album finished, have been touring for a while and are planning to go into the studio in the near future. During this tour and the one that ended last year, they’ve been playing a few songs that we can expect to see on the next album. Here are two that I ran across on Youtube: “We Got It All” and “Carry Us All.”

And don’t forget to check out the newest new song they’ve played (and my favorite so far), “Senseless.” You can watch it and download the live MP3 right here on YANP.

Portugal. The Man: “Carry Us All”

After the break you can see a video of their keyboardist Ryan playing “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child when the rest of the band looses power during a show.

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[MP3] Domo Genesis + Hodgy Beats: “TANGGOLF”

Two minutes after I finished a book, I’m listening to this new track from OFWGKTA’s Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats. It was just posted to their Tumblr. Welcome to 2011. We hear the best new rap tracks from the same place we go to find pictures of lesbians who look like Justin Bieber.

MP3: Domo Genesis + Hodgy Beats – TANGGOLF
It’s a quick track that gets spread over the instrumentals of a RZA Liquid Swords track . It’s an interesting nod that’ll probably get over-examined with all the OFWGKTA-Wu comparisons that have been tossed around lately. Great track, though. Also probably the only time poor Amanda Knox will get a rap shout-out.

[VIDEO] Fleet Foxes music video for “Grown Ocean”

Robin Pecknold announced that he was going to be taking a Twitter/Internet break for a bit. He did have one fantastic gift for us to make the parting a little easier: a video for the Fleet Foxes’ new song “Grown Ocean.” Shot during the recording of Helplessness Blues, the “Grown Ocean” video was filmed and edited by Sean Pecknold.

[MP3/VIDEO] Will Sheff covers Roky Erickson’s “Birds’d Crash”

Okkervil River backed Roky Erickson up on his last studio album, but I think this still counts as a cover. Okkervil frontman Will Sheff offered up his version of “Birds’d Crash” at an outdoor SXSW event. The only way this could be more enjoyable is if instead of being cold at home with some cereal, I was having BBQ and beer in sunny Austin, TX.

MP3: Will Sheff – Birds’d Crash (live)

[MP3] Ladybug Transistor: “Clutching Stems”

The Ladybug Transistor are back! If you’d asked me to bet if they were broken up or not, I definitely would have gone with broken up. But no, they’re still alive and — as “Clutching Stems” proves — very kicking.

MP3: Ladybug Transistor – Clutching Stems
I like my Ladybug Transistors songs to be on the drifting pop side, like their classic record Albemarle Sound, but “Clutching Stems” is a bit more simple. If the Minders ever wrote songs for They Might Be Giants, this is probably close to what the result would sound like.

Ladybug Transistor on Merge

[MP3] Janelle Monae: “Tightrope (Wondamix)” ft B.o.B. & Lupe Fiasco

Even though this was my #1 song last year, I never heard this remix of “Tightrope.” And really, it’s less a remix and more a different version. Janelle raps alongside B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco with some tweaked instrumentals. It’s a good companion to the original.

MP3: Janelle Monae – Tightrope Wondamix (ft. BoB and Lupe Fiasco)