[MP3] All Smiles: “Sun, Number One” // (Jim from Modest Mouse/Grandaddy)

I got a really nice letter from Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse, formerly of Grandaddy) the other day. I was unaware of his solo project All Smiles, but I knew I had to check it out about three lines into the letter. On the new record, Staylow and Mighty, Jim rounded up his bandmate Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse/Mister Heavenly) and Danny Seim (Menomena) to help out. I’ve only heard a few tracks, but they’re enough to get me excited. It’s coming out digitally and on vinyl March 1, but iTunes has it up already this week.

MP3: All Smiles – Sun, Number One
It’s songs like “Sun, Number One” that make me hate labeling music. Not because it’s a mind-melting combination of genres, but that it’s some good, straight-forward music. This is basically the folkiest side of “indie rock” at its purest, but that just proves how poor of a label that is. Really there’s no stylistic difference between Jim and thousands of other guys who sat down with a guitar. The only difference is that unlike the majority of songwriters, he’s actually really good at this. So enjoy a catchy track with some Danny Seim backing vocals. The only label I could apply easily to this is “springtime music,” which is just some great timing.

Hit up All Smiles for any bit of info you could want on Staylow and Mighty There are some great preorder packages (including socks!), four songs to stream and another one to download.

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