Absofacto & 10K Cities: “Kiko (103 Words)”

Absofacto (from Mason Proper) teamed up with the instrumentals of hip-hop duo 10K Cities to record songs for a 7″ The result is better than I would have dreamed. I’m not going to suggest that they combine full time, but this is some stuff I’d love to hear more of. I know it’s a real stretch to say “no music to download here, but click the link and stream some,” but I’d really suggest that you do just that. “Kiko (103 Words)” is a real journey in the way that most pop music is not. It’s some Menomena-level work — which is high praise coming from me.

Stream “Kiko (103 Words)” at Absofacto’s Bandcamp page

Liked it? I thought you might. Get the physical release from Dovecote Records

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