4 thoughts on “Who Is Arcade Fire, the Tumblr”

  1. Felt like I’ve been taking crazy pills. Funeral and Neon Bible are in whole other leagues than the Suburbs. Glad someone else is voicing that opinion.

  2. Even if it is their worst one yet, the people on that site are making me crazy! Getting pissed because gaga didn’t win? Seriously? I’m glad that AF won just so that crazy woman didn’t. And how can they have not heard of these guys?
    Sorry, these people are just nutso.

  3. I don’t know if you realize this but the Grammys don’t vote for your album against your entire catalog (sarcasm)….if it was better than the other four albums, why the snide remarks? Plus…not many bands keep making better and better records. But great bands at least change things up. I think more people would be critical had they kept trying to emulate Funeral. They should be commended for making 3 different albums at such an early stage.

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