Smith Westerns @ Al’s Bar 1.27.11

The Smith Westerns’ show at Al’s might have been the definition of a “mixed bag.” It was enjoyable, for sure, and the new songs are all great, but there were just so many extraneous elements that dampened the fun of the show. For starters, it’s impossible to review the band without talking about the sound — sorry, I meant without talking about how the band wouldn’t stop talking about the sound.

The sound at Al’s Bar isn’t great. We know that, guys. We all live in or around Lexington and have been to Al’s Bar more times than we can count. So when you take the stage, as the Smith Westerns did, and keep complaining about the sound, it really takes away from the show. Lead singer Cullen Omori compared trying to play through the soundsystem at Al’s as “trying to pee a grapefruit out your dick.” As frustrating as the low quality soundsystem might be, let’s be honest guys — you weren’t going to sound like ELO if you had a great system. You sound like a distorted garage rock band. You sound like T Rex. So suck it up and be as great as you can be. We’ll cut you some slack; we’re your fans.

Other than the band’s reaction to the sound at the venue, the show was pretty good. All the new material was a delight to have thrown full-force into into our faces. They put on a good show when they’re not whining, and it was a delight.

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6 thoughts on “Smith Westerns @ Al’s Bar 1.27.11”

  1. I wish I had more decent ones to share. The light at Al’s isn’t the best and those are pretty much the only halfway good ones I got from the night.

  2. You are, literally, too kind. Smith Westerns had no energy, didn’t even try and had to complain to us about their ignomony, after a packed room paid and took time out of their day to see the show, after The Kickback had just rocked our faces off. Sorry, they sucked a grapefruit through my dick.

  3. They done the same whining at Primavera in Barcelona last May, I expected a lot after reading about them in the blog and others, and all they did was complain about the sound for 45 mins and put on a piss poor show. it seemed to me they were making excuses for completely completely wasted and below par musicians. they were shit to be quite honest.

  4. aaah in about two years they’ll be asking if you want fries with that—- but, I hear the drivethru has a great p.a.!

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