Daniel Martin Moore @ CD Central 1.29.11

I showed up about one minute into Daniel Martin Moore’s instore session at CD Central and felt like a stampeding elephant coming through the back door. Apparently the PA was on the fritz, so DMM and company did this performance with no amplification — thus my embarrassment at the sound of the back door slamming shut. But all was well; the crowd was more respectful than any I’ve been a part of in a while.

This was Daniel’s third time playing at CD Central, and really I might argue that it was the best. He did a few older songs, a load of new ones and a cover of “My Rifle, My Pony and Me” from Rio Bravo. The real highlight of the set was his performance of the title track to his new LP The Cool of the Day. He sang while Dan Dorf played a beautiful keyboard accompaniment.

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Martin Moore @ CD Central 1.29.11”

  1. I was there. Very cool performance. I try to stay up to date with your blog since I live in NKY. Wish I would of known you were there. Liked to have chatted with you for a minute. Going to see him at the Monastery next weekend.

  2. Sometimes I am shocked that Daniel’s voice doesn’t put me in a diabetic coma, because it is so sweet.

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