The Kickback @ Al’s Bar 1.27.11

I didn’t really plan it this way, but this was a great show to have as my first of 2011 and my first in over a month. I knew almost nothing about the Kickback before the show, but quickly fell in love. Live, the Kickback are like a younger, more reckless version of the Walkmen. There’s energy being thrown at the audience nonstop — so much so that it made me sad to see that almost no one came within 10 feet of the stage.

There were one or two songs that really bowled me over, but unfortunately I’m a little light on their song titles. The one that really rocked me had a sharp, stabbing chorus that sounded like “Rob a house! Rob it!” but most likely wasn’t. It was a standout track in a powerful set.

Oh, and I’d be a failure of a nerd if I didn’t mention how great the lead singer’s Alpha Flight shirt was. Obviously I had to get a photo. Turns out that the band also has a song called “Alpha Flight,” so bonus points for that.

4 thoughts on “The Kickback @ Al’s Bar 1.27.11”

  1. Gotta say that these dudes killed it. Also, they didn’t whine incessantly. Yes, the sounds at Al’s sux. Suck it up like a grape fruit from a dick, you baby.

  2. These boys used to beat up South Dakota on a regular basis and we are all better because of it.

  3. Their new EP also rulz. Sting’s Teacher Years is my current favorite new song.

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