Captain Beefheart dead at 69

This wasn’t exactly the way I’d hoped to return to blogging. Don Van Vliet died yesterday (12/17) due to complications of multiple sclerosis. We owe him a huge debt for the work he did pushing music out of the safe zone and into uncharted waters.

I remember buying a used copy of Trout Mask Replica at CD Central because I had heard it was one of those crazy albums everyone should own. Then when I got home it didn’t take long for me to wonder what in the hell I had purchased. Then a year later I picked up Safe As Milk and was hooked. If you’re a Tom Waits, Man Man or blues fan I’d suggest taking a good hard swig of Captain Beefheart today.

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  1. Speaking of Man Man. I talked to Honus Honus at the Mister Heavenly show in Salt Lake City Utah. He told me that there’s a new Man Man album done and it should be released in April.

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