You Ain’t No Picasso’s favorite songs of 2010

Earlier this week one of my coworkers found my “Best songs of 2009” CD and put it on. Man, I hate to drive this home you guys, but this year was really weak compared to the recent past. Still there were quite a few shining gems in all the rubble of 2010. Here’s 50 of my favorites.

1. MP3: Janelle Monae – Tightrope
2. MP3: Cults – Go Outside
3. MP3: Spoon – Written in Reverse
4. MP3: The Besnard Lakes – And This Is What We Call Progress
5. MP3: Portugal. The Man – When the War Ends
6. M4A: Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain
7. MP3: Guards – Sail It Slow
8. MP3: Still Flyin’ – Runaway Train II
9. MP3: Crocodiles – Stoned to Death
10. Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You

11. MP3: The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
12. MP3: Kanye West – Monster
13. MP3: The Morning Benders – Promises
14. MP3: Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For.mp3
15. MP3: Ted Leo – Woke Up Near Chelsea
16. M4A: Grinderman – Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
17. MP3: Sufjan Stevens – I Walked
18. MP3: The New Pornographers – Your Hands (Together)
19. MP3: Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill
20. MP3: Les Savy Fav – High and Unhinged

See the rest after the break.

21. MP3: Wolf Parade – Yulia
22. MP3: MEN – Off Our Backs
23. MP3: Broken Bells – the Ghost Inside
24. MP3: Jaill – Snake Shakes
25. MP3: Dom – Living in America
26. M4A: BLK JKS – Mzabalazo
27. MP3: Best Coast – Crazy for You
28. MP3: Polock – Fireworks
29. M4A: Woods – Blood Dries Darker
30. MP3: Menomena – TAOS

31. MP3: Tennis – Marathon
32. MP3: Dag for Dag – I am the Assassin
33. MP3: Disa – Fast Train
34. MP3: Paleo – The King James Fakebook
35. MP3: Black Mountain – Old Fangs
36. MP3: The Black Keys – Everlasting Light
37. MP3: Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues
38. MP3: Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking
39. MP3: Roadside Graves – Liv Tyler
40. MP3: The Intelligence – Like Like Like

41. MP3: Wavves – King of the Beach
42. MP3: Ariel Pink – Round and Round
43. M4A: Robyn – Fembot
44. MP3: Holy Fuck – Latin America
45. MP3: Kite Club – Going Swimming
46. MP3: Sri Aurobindo – Soul Vibrations of Man
47. MP3: Oh No Ono – Helplessly Young
48. MP3: the Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
49. MP3: Idiot Glee – All Packed Up
50. MP3: Phosphorescent – It’s Hard to be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)

10 thoughts on “You Ain’t No Picasso’s favorite songs of 2010”

  1. Living in America, as well as the rest of Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, is a hook laden lo-fi masterpiece. Plus, when I ordered the cd, the record company also sent a free 10″, so that was awfully nice of them.

  2. Finally, someone recognizes The Intelligence on their ‘list’. fyi, Like Like Like Like Like Like Like by The Intelligence was released on a 2009 7″ – but the 2010 LP version is cleaner and much better. I see Woods, I see MEN, what about WOMEN?

  3. what a very weak year! i personally think “dancing on my own” is much better than the forgettable “fembot”.

  4. “dancing on my own”? kill yourself. not to be mean.

    prepare, i took my caffeine and ephedrine, so i’m gonna comment on most these songs as i listen to them.

    >tightrope: beyonce. uninteresting to say the absolute least. or, to say as much as it deserves.
    >go outside: washy nothing vocals. pet peeve of mine. skippable
    >written in reverse: pianos! plunking piano. it is the sound you can not not like. comes down to that really.
    >and this is what we call…: classic in its writing. pink floyd and all that. yawn mode: activated
    >when the world ends: not my favorite off the record, which i think would be the Fool song. exceptional. this song is note worthy. great
    >king of spain: now what a tune! great gritty vocals. great song this is a good one. man what a really good one!
    >sail it slow: the drone-metal guitar work in between verses is very offputting. the vocalist is similar to portugal.
    >runaway train ii: i like saxophones in songs. the song itself is forgettable. it’s cute and crisp but wasn’t developed into really anything.
    >stoned to death: sdfsdfsdfsdsdfsdf fuzz = good? nah
    >bloodbuzz ohio: oh yeah this song. all the magazines going nuts over this record. he’s a great vocalist. plunking piano. you know who i thought of when i heard this track? um. yeah Marvelous Toy. that band is similar i thought. it’s legally a hit, this song.
    >monster: i have an issue with kanye west’s vocals. i’m a huge supporter of the man, i enjoy his personality and his antics. his raps don’t sound good to me at all. the beat for this song is good, rick ross does well on it. i understand there’s another artist on this track but i’ve never made it that far into it.
    >promises: you know, old chords and stuff. a lot of beatles techniques used. song is cute.
    >what’s in it for: interesting language, other than that it is OK
    >woke up near chelsea: very kiss like in maybe only one way. as i sat with it i felt it got a little better but ultimately went no where
    >mickey mouse and the good bye…: one long ass build up/intro. which i know is a very classic way to do things. lost me
    >i walked: cool, i am really liking this and i did not expect to at all. maybe i’ll give that album another listen
    >your hands (together): see, i can’t imagine such a novelty song being the favorite of anyones
    >rill rill: great production. clever. i like females to sound like they’re whispering in the back of my head. no i don’t. why is it so few females fucking SING. jesus christ i am mad!
    >high and unhinged: great. rock and roll music. proper hype, proper maintenance of built up emotion. very typical song structure, but it’s just /right/. it was the right thing to do.
    >yulia: i remember for like some short amount of time, wolf parade was the talk. song is ok
    >off our backs: this is a dance song and employs all the things you think it would
    >the ghost inside: no
    >snake shakes: bass + drums, whoda thunk? i like it for sure but it was too usual
    >living in america: mgmt
    >mzabalazo: different clearly. wouldn’t relisten, but welcome its existence.
    >crazy for you: california? ye
    >fireworks: pop. to a t. this will be on tv shows. movie trailers maybe.
    >blood dries darker: it’s a fair song, the muffled vocals feel separate and seem to detract
    >taos: i liked this song.
    >marathon: cute
    >i am the assassin: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope
    >fast train: see “marathon”
    >king james fakebook: NO WAY! PALEO?! i found an old ass USB drive and it had a bunch of paleo tracks, from that shit where he would uh make a song a day or something, and that song where he sings about his pale blues. i like him
    >old fangs: it is written to sound like old music
    >everlasting light: up down up down chords. kick clap kick kick clap. OK
    >harlem river blues: typical folk ideas forced
    >i was thinking: “hey i wanna be the vocalist, but can we make sure no one hears what i say?”
    >liv tyler: percussion nice, vocalist nothing, song writing nothing
    >like like like: if this was written about 25 years ago, they coulda been one of those one hit wonders, also, devo
    >king of the beach: awesome, i’m glad it isn’t that fuzzfest of his other stuff
    >round and round: oh yeah i heard this song somewhere, it’s good.
    >fembot: haha cool. svedka. reminds me of that G6 song
    >latin america: i love the idea of south america. it is nice to not be there. this song is a whole lot of nothing
    >going swimming: i get what they were trying to do
    >soul vibrations of man: see “going swimming”
    >helplessly young: i’m predicting every next part of the song before i get to it. that isn’t allowed to be a good thing
    >sprawl ii: i like this band. they’re mega heavy with the plunking thing, but they don’t keep it to pianos, which i can respect
    >all packed up: didn’t load
    >it’s hard to be humble: old chords, old chord progression

  5. Ugh, enough trolls already… I am so tired of Kanye. He is an industry hack, and more importantly a misogynist. Less masculine trolls and more gender bending PLEASE.

  6. yeah, i’m going to go kill myself because some wanker doesn’t agree with my taste in music. good call.

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