M.I.A. posts new “Vicki Leekx” mixtape

M.I.A. released a free mixtape for New Year’s Eve — CoS thinks it’s because she’s trying to make us forget how crappy her 2010 was, and I agree. I’m downloading it as we speak, but with production credits by Switch, Rusko, Blaqstarr, and Diplo it can’t be all bad.

Download the Vicki Leekx mixtape

Vicki Leekx Tracklist:
01. The World
02. Bamboo Go
03. Illy Girl
04. Super Tight
05. Let Me Hump You
06. WWW/Meds/Feds
07. Steppin’/Up
08. Go At It
09. Vicki Intermission
10. Gen-N-E-Y
11. Bad Girls
12. Dutch Dutch
13. Marsha/Britney
14. Tamil Beat Munchi
15. Listen Up
16. Mudersounds Munchi
17. Overdrive
18. You My Love (feat. Rosaly)
19. Get Around

[MP3] Acid of the East: “Tail That Ate Itself” & “Animal”

Phew. It feels pretty good to be back, guys. To celebrate, we’ve got these two tracks from Acid of the East. If you enjoy these, hit up their facebook page to stream a few more.

MP3: Acid of the East – The Tail That Ate Itself
MP3: Acid of the East – Animal
I’m not 100% completely sold on the production for these tracks, but I love the vocals and melody. It’s like a Robot Ate Me & Matt Duncan collaboration covering an Animal Collective b-side. Fairly trippy but still largely poppy.

Acid of the East on Facebook (more songs available here)

Mixmas 2010 :: Girl Talk

If it’s December at You Ain’t No Picasso then it’s time for Mixmas. Every year I use the holiday season as an excuse to get some of my favorite musicians to contribute a mix centered around a theme of their choosing. They share some of their favorites and we get a little peak into their playlist and their brain

I’ve had Girl Talk contribute to Mixmas in the past, but it seems that he’s quite a bit more busy than he was in 2008. As such, there’s not writing to accompany this one, but it’s strange enough that I’ll go ahead and post it.

“My Favorite 5 Solo Steve Winwood Singles” by Girl Talk

5) Arc of a Diver (YT link)
4) Freedom Overspill (YT link)
3) The Finer Things (YT link)
2) Valerie (YT link)
1) While You See A Chance (YT link)

Radiohead, NIN and Muse have gifts for you…

Looks like you’ve got a few digital presents left to open. Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Muse all have some kind of concert footage ready for you to download. First up is the fan-compiled multi-cam DVD of Radiohead’s Hati benefit show. The entire thing is a free download, but Radiohead gave their blessing with the idea that at least a few of us would donate to Oxfam. Help ’em out, won’t you?

Next up is Nine Inch Nails and Muse, both of whom dropped some pro-shot multi-cam concert videos on us today. Muse gives us “Uprising” and “Citizen Erased” while NIN gave us the greatest Christmas miracle of all: “Somewhat Damaged” from their August 2009 show in NYC.

Merry Christmas!

Nine Inch Nails: “Somewhat Damaged”

Muse: “Uprising”

Gorillaz offer new album for stream/download

Gorillaz just posted their new album The Fall, which they made on an iPad. Hmmm. Sounds like a good excuse to turn an impulse buy into a tax write-off. Either way, new Gorillaz record you guys! Stream or download it here.

The Fall:
01 Phoner to Arizona
02 Revolving Doors
03 HillBilly Man
04 Detroit
05 Shy-Town
06 Little Pink Plastic Bags
07 The Joplin Spider
08 The Parish of Space Dust
09 The Snake in Dallas
10 Amarillo
11 The Speak It Mountains
12 Aspen Forest
13 Bobby in Phoenix
14 California and the Slipping of the Sun
15 Seattle Yodel