Idiot Glee @ Cosmic Charlie’s 10.31.10

After years of saying “we should really do this…” I finally booked a Halloween covers show featuring some of my favorite local bands. And it was no surprise that the event was fun from doors open to doors close. But strangely I think the people that might have had the most fun were in Idiot Glee who spent the night covering Fleetwood Mac.

Idiot Glee is known for being a stellar one-man show featuring James Friley and his samplers/keyboards. But for one night, he was backed up by some good friends to make up the rest of Fleetwood Mac. James was dressed like — as near as I can tell — Lindsay Buckingham, most likely partially inspired by this image. And he had a nearly picture-perfect Stevie Nicks to go along with him. And one songs like “The Ledge” and “The Chain,” the duo sounded pretty close to the real thing.

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