Wax Fang @ KFC Yum Arena 10.29.10

Of the many jaw-dropping moments at the Yum Arena show this Friday, Wax Fang had the first when they came out in full glowing Tron gear. They took the stage in near darkness, lit only by the glow of their apparently home-made suits. It was a pretty dramatic entrance that probably won them more some added attention from those in the crowd who might not have known who they were. People tend to pay attention to you when you and your buddies walk into a room dressed as Tron guys.

The obvious thing I have to cover about their set was that they were some unfortunate technical difficulties. After powering through a few songs (which sounded great, minus the slight buzzing), Scott Carney realized that his suit was causing his amp to buzz. So sadly they had to switch it off, causing Scott to remark “well now I just look like a little leage baseball coach.” But even losing one of the Tron suits couldn’t put a damper on how great it was to be without that buzzing. Good thing too, because they closed with a song that requires all your attention, their new 15-minute track “The Astronaut.”

“The Astronaut” is pretty much a 180 from Wax Fang’s last two records. It’s part experimental and part solid rock. And with such a long runtime, it’s got room to breathe and flow. They brought out two extra members to help with the song. One played keyboards and switched on and off drums, the other was a man in an astronaut suit who stood perfectly still until it was time for him to play two saxophones.

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