[HPX] Great Lake Swimmers @ St Matthew’s Church 10.22.10

Great Lake Swimmers are a fantastic band to see at a church show. They’ve got such tender, folksy songs backed up with such power behind them that it makes for an encompassing show. They opened with “Put There By the Land” and “Pulling on a Line” and quickly grabbed the audience’s attention. It’s crazy, but in all the years I’ve been a fan this was my first time seeing Great Lake Swimmers. And really, I’m kind of glad that I waited to have such a perfect setting a such a great performance. Seeing a band you love for 20 minutes at SXSW at nice, but seeing them do a full show in a well lit church, well that’s just about unbeatable.

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One thought on “[HPX] Great Lake Swimmers @ St Matthew’s Church 10.22.10”

  1. I saw them a couple years ago at the McDougall United Church here in Edmonton, and I couldn’t agree more…absolute perfect setting for these guys

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