Chico Fellini cover PJ Harvey, prepare to cover Bowie

While gearing up for our Halloween covers show this weekend, Chico Fellini let loose their latest release in their once-a-month covers/singles project. This month it’s a cover of PJ Harvey’s “The River.” You can stream it at their bandcamp site, along with their new track “Spark.”

Stream Chico Fellini’s cover of PJ Harvey’s “The River”

And, of course, you can see them do an entire set of Bowie covers this Sunday at Cosmic Charlie’s. Full details after the break.

a Halloween Covers Show
sponsored by

Chico Fellini as David Bowie
Matt Duncan as Steely Dan
Idiot Glee w/Matt Duncan Band as Fleetwood Mac

Halloween Night (Sunday 10/31)
at Cosmic Charlie’s
9pm | 18+
$8/$10 ($5 surcharge if under 21)

Dollar drinks for costumed attendees!

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