[HPX] Dance Movie @ the Foggy Goggle 10.21.10

First of all, let me say that Halifax is a really cool city. Big thanks to the people at Halifax Pop Explosion for bringing me in to cover the festival and speak on a panel (1pm at the conference center if you’re attending the fest!). I hope to go explore Nova Scotia tomorrow for a bit, so I might post photos of that as well. But for now, the music…

The first band I caught at HPX 2010 was Dance Movie at a really cool bar named the Foggy Goggle. So far Halifax has been one of those towns where every bar has been super cool to the point where I’m starting to hate the bars in Lexington even more than I normally do. And yes, the Foggy Goggle with its painted walls and beautiful layout didn’t help that jealousy any. Unfortunately I wasn’t exactly bowled over by Dance Movie. They were a good introduction to the fest, but not really my thing. They kinda sounded like a less rocking version of the Heartless Bastards, which strangely enough would probably appeal to a lot of you. But for whatever reason I wasn’t really feeling it and shuffled over to the Seahorse to catch the next band.

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  1. Yeah Halifax!!! All our bars are awesome, sorry to induce jealousy. It’s partially because we have the most per capita in Canada, and they have to work a little harder to stand out!
    Welcome mr, enjoy PopX!

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