Idiot Glee @ Al’s Bar 10.13.10

Wednesday was the difference between “think” and “know” for me. On Tuesday I thought Idiot Glee was great — his show Wednesday proved it to be fact. Believe it or not, that was my first time seeing James play live as Idiot Glee. He seems to be playing every two weeks in Lexington, but I’m just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. But after catching that show, it’s apparent that I’m going to have to start making time for Idiot Glee. We all are.

MP3: Idiot Glee – All Packed Up

Let me tell you what really convinced me, though. It wasn’t “All Packed Up” or his cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Those local hits are great, but not what did it. The first was “Trouble at the Dancehall,” a new track whose sampled riff he described as sounding like a “snake charmer.” Of all his great songs, that one might be my favorite. The next was a track I’d never heard before that was one of the best of the night. Making that great of an impression with an unheard track is a really great sign. No wonder he made such waves opening for Women in Europe.

To close, James was joined by Women to play “Don’t Drink the Water.” It was great to get a preview of what he’ll sound like with a full band at our Halloween party — except, you know, playing Fleewood Mac covers…

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Idiot Glee + Women: “Don’t Drink the Water”

6 thoughts on “Idiot Glee @ Al’s Bar 10.13.10”

  1. “Women: Don’t Drink the Water”

    Intro sounds like something from the Lion King…I’d like to hear the studio version on this song. Not really feeling the live performance at this time…

  2. I can’t believe that you are from Lexington, have a music blog, and have just finally gotten around to seeing Idiot Glee.I guess you don’t really cover local music anyway, so…maybe that’s for the best.

  3. Yeah, this is only my 13th post about Idiot Glee in 10 months (including an interview and a feature). If you want to know the reason I haven’t been to many shows in the past year, email me and I’ll tell you. I don’t like to air my ‘boo hoo’ stories on YANP. But I know you don’t actually care — you just want to complain. So rage! Rage against the music blog you still read! Maybe someone’s listening…

  4. @pepe not everyone can be on top of everything all the time. matt, as with any other blogger worth their salt, always tries to balance larger artist coverage with local love, as he’s done with chico fellini in the past, and as he just did a couple of days ago on my friend and lexingtonian reese richardson, whose project is absolutely brand new. them’s the facts, friend.

  5. Dear Pepe:

    The presumputousness and obvious ignorance of your comment is mind boggling. You have clearly never read this blog, or at best may have read it a time or two, and yet presume to know what it covers. You clearly have no idea what it covers and comment as if from a position of authority. If you had ever read this blog before, you would know that a.) Matt has some health issues–I don’t know Matt personally although we are from the same town. He just mentions going to the hospital, say, more than I do. b.) Matt routinely posts about local artists, and was the first person I heard mention this fellow known to the world at large as Idiot Glee when all he had was one demo. c.) Matt goes to shows ALL THE TIME. As you so perspicaciously note, he does have a music blog after all.

    Sadly, I have resigned myself to the fact that near total ignorance on a particular subject is rarely an impediment to a person pontificating on the same, but I find it regrettable nonetheless.

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