[MP3] Reese Richardson: “I Don’t Fear the Godless”

I’m vaguely familiar with Reese from around Lexington, but today was my first introduction to him musically. I missed out on his 2009 release Ripening, but caught this new one just in time. Seems likely that Reese could wind up being a key component of the Lexington music community if he keeps this up.

MP3: Reese Richardson – I Don’t Fear the Godless
I love a great dynamic range in a song and “I Don’t Fear the Godless” does that better than most well-known bands. Like a shoegazing Cymbals Eat Guitars, Reese starts off with a slow and steady acoustic guitar and eventually brings it to a head with crashing drums and electric guitar. Reese may not fear the godless, but I sure fear his production skills.

Reese’s web site

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  1. I thought Reese moved to NYC or something a few years ago. Glad to hear he’s back for more Lexington action!

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