Deerhoof @ Northside Tavern 10.6.10

Well, that’s it. I can no longer tell story after story about my near misses in my attempts to see Deerhoof in the 5+ years that I’ve been a fan. And while it was worth the wait, it’s not a drought I’m looking to repeat. They’re just too much fun to go without seeing for too long.

Let me start with the only downer: the setlist was pretty dry on my favorite Deerhoof songs. It was, however, peppered with treats that I didn’t think we’d get. They did two covers, “Let’s Dance the Jet” from their upcoming record Deerhoof vs Evil and a take on the Ramones’ “Pinhead.” But as for my favorite tracks off Apple O or Milk Man, they were few and far between. Still it’s really hard to say that Deerhoof have any boring songs. Even the ones that weren’t my favorite were totally and completely rad. Satomi, Greg, John and Ed are a really tight, but strangely loose machine.

One of my favorite moments of the show was when the girl behind me was trying so hard to dance along to the set-opening “Panda Panda Panda.” And no, super-nice couple that I met and hung out with before the show, I don’t mean you. I mean the girl who pushed her way up and was determined to try and dance no matter what jazzy freakout Ed, John and Greg came up with. It was pretty funny and very awesome.

Greg was also a delight. I’d interviewed him before (pt 1 | pt 2) and knew him to be a chatty, upbeat guy. Turns out he’s pretty much the same on stage. Though he didn’t have a microphone behind the drums, every couple songs he’d stand up and take a mic and talk about how great the crowd was or the few times they’d played the KY/OH area or the new song (!!) that they’d only played once or twice before. It was awkward, what with the standing up from the drums and people always shouting “Hey Greg!,” but it was pretty endearing.

All in all it was a great show (and free!). Now I’m more convinced than ever of two things: Deerhoof are a great live band and I can’t wait five more years to see them again!

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