Decemberists to release new album in January

Even though they continue to trip merrily down the path toward music that I dislike, I’ll always love the Decemberists. Good thing they’re giving me another shot this January 11 when they release a new album. The word was first dropped in this interview and now this site is claiming to have the title and tracklist. The King is Dead sounds pretty Morrissey-ish, doesn’t it?

[WIN] Tickets to YANP’s “Come As You Aren’t” Halloween show + Wax Fang in Lexington

As you likely know by now, I’m throwing a Halloween show with full cover sets by Idiot Glee, Matt Duncan and Chico Fellini. The night before that, Cosmic Charlie’s is hosting Wax Fang. Here’s your chance to grab tickets to both.

To enter, leave a comment with your name, email address and what you’re going to dress as for Halloween. I’ll pick two of you at random, who’ll each get one ticket to Wax Fang and one ticket to my Halloween show. So check your emails because I’ll send out the winning notices Saturday morning!

[MP3] Deerhoof: “Travels Broaden the Mind” (Kasai Allstars)

Thanks to the people at Crammed Discs, we’ve got an early listen to Deerhoof’s cover contribution to Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers. They tackled Kasai Allstar’s song “Wa Muluendu,” which is really risky because I know that’s a really special song to a lot of us — just kidding, this is the first time I’m ever hearing any version of it too. But hey, if anyone who’s familiar with the original wants to weigh in, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

MP3: Deerhoof – Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars cover)
The past year or so has seen Deerhoof get a lot more intricate. First there was the instrumental cover of “Let’s Dance the Jet,” now we’ve got this track — it seems that reworking other people’s songs have really freed them up to go beyond the their comfort zone… which was already a pretty weird place.

[MP3] Crystal Castles + Robert Smith: “Not In Love”

Well I normally have zero interest in Crystal Castles, but I was fairly curious to hear this song thanks to a guest appearance by the Cure’s Robert Smith. It’s not as good as I’d hoped, but it’s nowhere nearly as bad as I’d feared. It sounds like Robert singing over an 80s Halloween score that’s slowly taken over by Trent Reznor for the choruses.

MP3: Crystal Castles + Robert Smith – Not in Love (Platinum Blond cover) [link]

Chico Fellini cover PJ Harvey, prepare to cover Bowie

While gearing up for our Halloween covers show this weekend, Chico Fellini let loose their latest release in their once-a-month covers/singles project. This month it’s a cover of PJ Harvey’s “The River.” You can stream it at their bandcamp site, along with their new track “Spark.”

Stream Chico Fellini’s cover of PJ Harvey’s “The River”

And, of course, you can see them do an entire set of Bowie covers this Sunday at Cosmic Charlie’s. Full details after the break.

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