Sir Michael Rocks of the Cool Kids goes solo with “S.S.”

MP3: Sir Michael Rocks – S.S.

Well, when I wrote that headline I kinda forgot about “Foreign Features,” but we’ll just slide that in here early to get the omission out of the way. Anyway, a little bit ago Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids tweeted a link to his new video for “S.S.” Here it and a ripped MP3 are. It’s a little more on the slow/R&B side of the hip hop spectrum — it definitely lacks that Cool Kids punch — but it’s a really smooth song.

[VIDEO/MP3] Morning Benders do new song “Virgins”

The Take Away Show just posted this video of the Morning Benders playing their new song “Virgins” while in France. This is going to come as no surprise to you if you’ve got the Morning Benders’ album Big Echo, but this song is fantastic! Watch it, then download the MP3 below.

MP3: The Morning Benders – Virgins (new song)

Kentucky concert calendar updated, fall looking pretty good

After not realizing the National/Owen Pallett show was in Louisville last night until I started reading about it on twitter, I decided that it was high time to do a little schedule planning. Step one of that was to compile all the shows I wanted to attend. The result is a fat and happy schedule of fall concerts that you can find here. My immediate suggestions? Deerhoof (free show!), Neon Indian and My Morning Jacket.

See the You Ain’t No Picasso concert calendar here

[VIDEO] trailer for the Coen brother’s “True Grit”

When I heard that the Coen Brothers would be adapting the novel “True Grit” (not for the first time), I kept meaning to read it. Then once day I was send across town to pick up a chair my gf picked out on Craigslist and saw that the couple had a copy of True Grit sitting on top of their stack of books for sale. Bingo.

And now we’ve got the trailer, and it looks fantastic. Hailee Steinfeld seems to be a perfect Mattie Ross. If everything falls into place, we might have another No Country For Old Men on our hands.

Lady Gaga coming to Louisville in March

So far there are only a handful of shows planned for Louisville’s new Yum Center (aka “the Bucket”). There’s My Morning Jacket, the Eagles and Justin Bieber planned for this year and now we’ve got Lady Gaga coming in 2011. However, in true Ticketmaster form, tickets are outraaaageously expensive.

Lady Gaga
Yum Center
March 12, 2011

Thanks to Backseat Sandbar for the heads-up.