[VIDEO] Cee Lo Green: “F*ck You”

It’s mildly criminal that I waited this long to post Cee Lo’s summer jam. This song about love and money woes has almost three million views already on Youtube — my guess is that most of those are from people who, like “F*ck You” ‘s protagonist, lack funds and keep listening to this jam over and over rather than buying it.

But today was the first day that I’d seen the text-based video for this song. It’s just about as great as the R&B track it accompanies. It’s almost as good as those Pulp Fiction kinetic type videos (more here)

[MP3] new Sufjan Stevens: “I Walked” // Age of Adz out 10/12

Remember all those months you spent wondering when the next Sufjan album would be upon us? Well wait no more. Sufjan’s Age of Adz is coming out October 12, hot on the heels of his “All Delighted People” EP. But now we’ve got our first look at his full length, too.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens – I Walked
If you cut out the sparse, yet heavy electronica backing track, “I Walked” wouldn’t be that atypical of Suffy’s most famous work. It’s extremely melodic and I’d argue one of his best vocal performances yet. But the full product of his work is actually pretty different than you might expect if you’re an Illinois/Seven Swans/Michigan fan (no shame in that). But hopefully you’re open to surprises, because “I Walked” is pretty incredible.

[MP3/VIDEO] Poison Control Center: “Friends in the Band”

As promised I’m debuting the new video from Poison Control Center and the delightful accompanying MP3. It’s been years and years since I saw PCC (admittedly on accident) at CMJ, but I’ve been a fan ever since. And if have yet to luck out and see them, here’s your chance to fall in love.

MP3: Poison Control Center – Friends In the Band

[STREAM] Vandaveer covers Bob Dylan’s “Man in Me”

Judging by the fact that this cover has over nine thousand Myspace plays, there’s a chance you guys might be ahead of me on this one. However, I had no idea that there was a studio version of Vandaveer’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “the Man in Me” — which might be better known as the Big Lebowski’s theme song to those of you who hit up Lebowskifest yearly. But this cover is so awesome that I’m risking admitting how late I am just so that any fellow stragglers can catch up with me.

Stream Vandaveer’s Dylan cover at his Myspace page

And while we’re on the subject, Mark/Vandaveer has a bunch of tour dates coming up, including a Sept 17 stop in Lexington.

[MP3] Pepper Rabbit: “Older Brother”

Thanks to the newly-redesigned IGIF for pointing out that Pepper Rabbit has a new MP3 and a new album on the way. Beauregard is out Oct 26 on Kanine Records.

MP3: Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother
When I was in LA, I was lucky enough to spend a good bit of time with Dave Rawkblog and Pepper Rabbit. Though at the time I hadn’t heard a note of their music, they were the nicest guys. That’s why it’s so great to see that their music is rapidly becoming as great as they are. I’m looking forward to this full length for sure.

Pepper Rabbit on Myspace

[MP3] Man Man showcase songs from upcoming LP

Enough new Man Man songs have surfaced on Youtube now to where I figured it’d be a good idea to rip the audio and post it so we can all enjoy them from now until Man Man’s next record comes out. From the sound of these, it looks like their next record is going to be more freaky jazz/R&B than pop/rock. Fans of Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits, rejoice!

MP3: Man Man – new song 1 (new song; live)
MP3: Man Man – new song 2 (new song; live)
MP3: Man Man – new song 3 (new song; live)
MP3: Man Man – new song 4 (new song; live)
MP3: Man Man – new song 5 (new song; live)

Anti Records, let’s hurry up and release this sucker!