[VIDEO] Cee Lo Green: “F*ck You”

It’s mildly criminal that I waited this long to post Cee Lo’s summer jam. This song about love and money woes has almost three million views already on Youtube — my guess is that most of those are from people who, like “F*ck You” ‘s protagonist, lack funds and keep listening to this jam over and over rather than buying it.

But today was the first day that I’d seen the text-based video for this song. It’s just about as great as the R&B track it accompanies. It’s almost as good as those Pulp Fiction kinetic type videos (more here)

One thought on “[VIDEO] Cee Lo Green: “F*ck You””

  1. I got this song about a day or so ago…it’s a bit hilarious, but then again what do you expect from Cee-lo when he’s not apart of Dangerous Mouse. Ha!

    It’s interesting enough to get a couple spins on the Mac..don’t know if I’d put it in an iPod playlist.


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