Soundgarden @ Lollapalooza 8.8.10

I think that there was nothing wrong with Soundgarden’s Lollapalooza show. If you were a big Soundgarden fan and you went to that show, I’m sure you came out of it with a big grin. My problem is that I thought I was a bigger Soundgarden fan that I turned out to be. Because it seemed like they had all the blocks in place for a pretty good reunion show, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So if the fans were losing their minds, the band sounded great and nothing seemed out of place, I can only conclude that the problem was with me. Apparently jamming Superunknown for an entire summer when you’re 16 doesn’t exactly equal being a super Soundgarden fan. It’s a shame, because I was pretty jazzed for the show. But it meant that I got to spend all my time afterward with the Arcade Fire.

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