[MP3/VIDEO] Lettercamp: “You Won’t Want Me”

I was poking around the internet last night and ran across Detroit synth pop band Lettercamp. Some of you from the area might know this better as Liz Wittman’s (Friendly Foes) solo debut, but this is my first introduction to her. It’s catchy and it’s got a fresh air about it, so I’m sold.

MP3: Lettercamp – You Won’t Want Me

3 thoughts on “[MP3/VIDEO] Lettercamp: “You Won’t Want Me””

  1. Little frustrating that it took :21 before they started playing (on the music/mp3 link)..
    But other than that…”You Won’t Want Me” is definitely different from the “cookie cutter” music out there.

    Even the slow down about 2:38 into the song, had me like, “wth? no…can’t be ending! i want to see what else they’re going to do..” Haha!

    I like…seems as though, they’d have a “freaked out” live performance..


  2. This is great. I just found a TON more stuff on their myspace. Seems like they have an EP or an album out or something. Weird I haven’t heard of them before this. Thanks.

  3. Glad to see you’re checking out Lettercamp! Their albums is really solid. “Call it Off” might be my favorite track of theirs.

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