[MP3] Tom Waits covering James Brown live in 1987

Whoa. If Anti Records hadn’t endorsed this as authentic, I’d hesitate to believe this was real — it’s that crazy. But in 1987, Tom Waits covered the James Brown super-classic “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” live in concert. Here’s the proof. The beautiful, beautiful proof.

MP3: Tom Waits – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag (James Brown)

So as long as miracles are coming true, let me put in a request for something I was talking about with a co-worker the other day: Tom Waits, please tour with Nick Cave. Invite Leonard Cohen if you’re feeling really crazy.

2 thoughts on “[MP3] Tom Waits covering James Brown live in 1987”

  1. Tom Waits and Nick Cave on tour together might be too much of a good thing, like a fantastic steak with a side of a dozen Buffalo wings. In both cases, my heart couldn’t take it.

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