Spoon @ Lollapalooza 8.7.10

I knew Spoon’s set would be trouble as soon as I set foot in the photo pit. I had to run across the entire festival grounds as soon as we got out of the pit in time to get in line for Green Day. However, I noticed that the set list on stage was full of songs I’d never heard Spoon do before. Not only did it open with Britt doing “Me and the Bean” solo acoustic, but the setlist indicated that we’d be getting “Utilitarian” (!!!) and “Modern World” — which I correctly assumed meant that we’d be getting their Wolf Parade cover. Even though those were halfway through the set, I just had to stay. So while all the other photographers were running across the festival to make sure they were able to shoot Green Day, I stayed and watched Spoon (I did get to shoot Green Day, though. I was number 40 out of 40 photographers let in).

Anyone who’s a Spoon diehard like I am can already guess what I’m going to say: it was totally, absolutely worth sticking around to catch over half of the set. “Utilitarian” is a great song that I’d never heard them do live, and who doesn’t want to hear one great band cover another? That Wolf Parade cover was just what I needed. Love you, Spoon.

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  1. I tried to check out Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the same time. I could barely see the stage, was surrounded by 15 year olds lighting up, and they were late. Ended up leaving after the 1st song and ran to see the end of Spoon. I’m sad I missed “Modern World”.

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