Metric @ Lollapalooza 8.7.10

Let me start this off with an unfortunate preface: I don’t know that much about Metric. I’ve listened to them a fair amount, but it’s always when I’m doing something, never when I can really sit down and focus on the music. As such, I knew they would be a good band to catch on Saturday of Lollapalooza, but I just didn’t know that much of what to expect. Well it turned out that the one defining characteristic of Metric on record is also the one takeaway from their live show: they’re awesome.

Emily Haines is easily one of the rock frontwomen I’ve ever seen. She engages the audience, plays an instrument and interacts with her band through the whole show. I can see now why people lose their minds when she shows up with Broken Social Scene. But me? I was content to lose my mind to Metric.

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