Grizzly Bear @ Lollapalooza 8.7.10

They say a goldfish will grow to be larger or smaller depending on the size of fishbowl it’s kept in. That’s certainly true of my girlfriend’s fish, Ferdinand, who’s got an entire aquarium to his giant self. And I’d argue that the same is true for Grizzly Bear. They keep playing larger venues, bigger stages and later at festivals and all it’s done is make them be better and greater.

Still touring behind Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear found a very huge and very receptive audience waiting for them at Lollapalooza. The group came out with huge smiles all around and launched into “Southern Point” to many, many cheers. My favorite of the set, though, would probably have to be “Little Brother.” I’ve always loved that song and it’s always fantastic live.

One interesting thing is that Grizzly Bear have started playing “Showcase” again. They sound a lot more confident with it now than they did around the last time they were doing it. At Lollapalooza, that first-album song sounded like a stadium rocker that’s partly why I said they keep moving up so well in size.

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