the Strokes @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10

In music fan terms, I’m what’s known as a crazy person. That’s apparent because I’m not really that into the Strokes. I’m a singles fan, and that’s about it. But even so, I was really looking forward to catching them at Lollapalooza. It was a rare opportunity that I wasn’t about to pass up.

I didn’t really see enough of the Strokes to give an adequate overview of their full performance, but I can describe what I saw and what I heard about the rest of the set. The three songs I caught were awesome, but maybe a little bit too laid back. Between songs, Julian kept expressing how happy they were to be back on stage and playing Lollapalooza, but when performing he mostly just shuffled about the stage. Still, his voice was top notch and the rest of the band was on fire, so I can’t fault them too much.

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I heard the next day that the Strokes only played around 50 minutes of music. Given that they have three LPs and an EP while Lady Gaga, who played for over two hours, has only an album and EP… it seemed a little disappointing. I don’t care if you’ve got to learn some covers, do a few rarities or whip up some kind of medley, if you’re headlining Lollapalooza you’ve got to really bring it.

3 thoughts on “the Strokes @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10”

  1. The Strokes playing a set of only 50 minutes was pretty disappointing (especially because they didn’t even play 12:51). All in all I got the feeling that Julian Casablancas was “mailing it in” a bit…

  2. Well said (about “finding” material to play)…hence the probable reason why Lady Gaga is where she is.

    Live performances make or break a career. Hope The Strokes aren’t sabotaging themselves…


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