Foxy Shazam @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10

I’d been told that I should check out Foxy Shazam’s live show. I missed them in Lexington, but was finally able to make it at Lollapalooza. I’d never listened to their records, but enjoyed their Queen/the Darkness/Rocky Horror sound. And I’ve got to say that at least 60% of their popularity has to be due to lead singer Eric Nally’s crazy stage antics. He ran, slid, jumped, tumbled and thew his mic around the stage. So even if I wasn’t into their music, he was more than entertaining enough to make up for it.

More photos after the break.

2 thoughts on “Foxy Shazam @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10”

  1. Yeah, anyone who incorporate circus antics in their show, definitely deserves an audience. The pictures of them alone peaks my interest enough to go check them out. =)


  2. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see them, but was very grateful for the fan swag they gave out. I wouldn’t have survived the weekend without it.

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