Lady Gaga @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10

There was a lot of hate for Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza, but there was easily twice as much love. In fact, by comparing the Strokes’ audience to Gaga’s, I’d guess there was five times as much love. And really, I have to put myself in that camp as well. Gaga’s show is a spectacle that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And really, I’d bet it’s just flat out unlike anything anyone else has seen.

Yes, her hits were great. She could have just phoned in any of her more famous songs, but we got wild costumes, synchronized dances and and great vocal deliveries. As wild and weird as those award show performances are — that’s what Lady Gaga’s stage show is like every minute of every song. Loosely based around a plot of her and two friends trying to make it to the “Monster’s Ball,” the show at least tried to do something different. Aw, who am I kidding? It was waaaaay different.

I think my two favorite non-hit songs of the show were “Monster” and “Teeth.” The first explained why her fans kept putting up monster claws any time the camera was on them, and the second was just really well done.

One of my favorite moments of the night was a nice post-prop 8 monologue. Lady Gaga started praying: “Jesus, I’m confused… Some people say you only love a certain kind of person with a certain belief system, a certain way of life, religion or sexuality.” She then concluded: “I’m quite certain that Jesus. MUST. LOVE. EVERYBODY!” Great message. She did later use that as a launching point for a bisexual joke about her backup dancer, but it was a good, honest laugh.

So really, why not love Lady Gaga? I think she put more energy into performing than any other Lollapalooza act I saw (with the possible exception of Foxy Shazam) and she’s got a great set of pipes. I went into this festival saying “why not check her out? It’s not like I’d ever pay to see her.” Well, after today I’m not so sure that’s true any more. I may not only pay, but I’d probably travel as well.

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11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga @ Lollapalooza 8.6.10”

  1. Great photos matt. I was skeptical as well but I got free tickets to her radio city show (right behind puff daddy, Alicia keys and Jimmy Iovine!) and I was blown away by her show. It’s like an actual broadway production. She’s an entertainer on all fronts ad it really incredible to see. She makes some of the most energetic hands we see look shoegaze.

  2. Wonderful es la artista mas grande de todos los tiempos I LOVE YOU GAGA siempre estaremos contigo gracias por existir grande LADY GAGA ….!! <3

  3. Mr. Picasso:

    After great deliberation, the blogosphere has decided to temporarily revoke your Hipster Credibility. Due to your recent fawning coverage of a soul-sucking pop star, you are banned from hipster-ish activities for a period of not less than six months. During your suspension, you are not to write about Man Man, wear designer jeans or drink small batch tequila. You should also avoid tapas bars and the entire Lower East Side. We will re-visit the matter of the return of your Credibility sometime in early 2011. Try not to write anything for Tiger Beat and/or Seventeen in the meantime.


    Citizen Dick

  4. I wish I had checked out the first hour of her set instead of waiting around for The Strokes to finally graces us with their presence.

  5. You’re a pussy, man. lady gaga? Say goodbye to any credit you might have had amongst anyone who’s not a fucking sap that listens to lady gaga or whatever horse shit the radios are peddling these days. If you want your blog to maintain any credit, this is the best way to ruin that. I’m basically thinking the only reason you would risk your credibility is because you have been paid to cover her in a positive light. If not, you’re just an idiot with half-baked blog opinions trying to get google hits. Either way, I live in Lexington and like indie music and I’d love to read a good local blog, but I’m certainly not coming back here and I’ll be happy to trash your name very loudly to everyone who mentions it from now on. You can thank lady gaga later.

  6. Credible Source: I’m willing to bet you’re a new reader, so let me let you in on a secret that hopefully longtime readers already know: I couldn’t care less about credibility. I listen to whatever I enjoy and post whatever I find interesting. I post what I would want to read. So when the biggest, fastest-rising pop star in the world has two new songs, yeah, I get curious.

    So goodbye. And if you ever want to email me to discuss anything, feel free to do so. Or if you want to anonymously badmouth me in the comments and around town, that’s also an excellent use of your time.

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