[VIDEO] Kanye West’s 90 second “Power” preview

Here’s Kanye’s 90 second preview of the “living painting”/video for his new song “Power.” It’s creative, fitting for the song and a fair amount better than I thought it’d be.

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  1. You know, I’ve been curious as to whether he would accept that people really don’t like him, and with that acceptance, either A) say fuck it and keep up what he does and further the egoism, or B) lay it low and just make a good record without the egoism.
    I have to say, this makes me think he’s furthering the egoism, and I LIKE IT.
    The King Crimson doesn’t hurt at all either.

  2. What? “living painting” video?

    Ill say this much. Since I’m on my Blackberry and cannot see the video I’m gonna say if its not better then Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” video (and here you go: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdm2lv_breakbot-baby-i-m-yours-feat-irfane_music ) which took 4 months to make and was composed of approx 2000 watercolor painted images one after another, HANDMADE by ONE person that came out earlier this summer…then I think “Power” should not be acknowledge and Kanye should go cry himself to sleep. More then likely, I’m gonna be pissed if video is a somewhat of a rip off.

  3. @ Matt Delormier
    I don’t think this video could get further away from that breakbot video, I appreciate the watercolor work of one man but this Kanye shit is out of this world; but thanks for providing the “baby I’m yours” link cool video and great song.

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