Sleigh Bells @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

Sleigh Bells had easily some of the biggest buzz of the festival going into their Pitchfork performance. That’s why I had to run from Big Boi’s performance to the other end of the fest to make sure I got a good spot in the pit for Sleigh Bells. They took a while to set up, but the crowd was pretty good natured through the whole thing. I even heard one of my favorite quotes of the fest, when a front-row fan described Sleigh Bells to a security worker: “I would say she yells more than screams — they’re two distinct singing styles.”

My only complaint about Sleigh Bells’ otherwise great show is that I don’t really see why they haven’t expanded to have three members when they play live. Would it really be a bother to lug around drums or even a laptop to cue up their samples? But still, it was a minor complaint when their live show still manages to be fairly powerful with just the duo.

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  1. just as a minor correction, they do usually have a laptop with them that derek uses to cue the samples (at least that’s been the case at their two shows in pittsburgh). not sure why they didn’t do that at pitchfork other than it was probably easier to handle from the booth than set up more equipment.

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