St Vincent @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

As I was leaving Pitchfork toward the end of Pavement’s set, Matt the Ice Cream Man introduced me to one of the members of St Vincent’s backing band. I asked him what instrument he played, noting that I pretty much just focused on Annie. His reply: “I think that’s kind of the point.”

St Vincent writes some great music, but part of the fun of her shows is seeing the joy clearly visible all over Annie’s face. She loves what she does and she’s great at it. Everything sounded great. We got great takes on “Save Me,” “Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood,” “Actor Out of Work” and a particularly hectic/beautiful version of “Your Lips Are Red.” I missed the middle of her set, so I don’t know if we got any new songs, but I can’t wait to hear new material from her.

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