[MP3] new Lissie: “Bully”

Thanks to MFR for pointing us to the lead single from Lissie’s upcoming record Catching a Tiger.

MP3: Lissie – Bully
I really loved Lissie’s debut EP, but from the sounds of “Bully,” her full length might take the cake. It’s still recommended for Neko Case fans, but I’d also say that anyone wishing Joanna Newsom didn’t sound like an elf would be wise to check this out too.

Lissie on Myspace

One thought on “[MP3] new Lissie: “Bully””

  1. Lissie’s voice does take hearts for a ride, just like Neko when she’s at her best. I really enjoyed the EP as well, and its nice to here her change the pace, doing it well.

    I always wondered what to compare Joanna to, and I think you’ve nailed it.

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