Jim James, Ben Sollee + Daniel Martin Moore @ Lexington Opera House 7.23.10

What an incredible show. Seriously, the Appalachian Voices show with Jim James, Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore was way better than I even hoped it would be. The performances were great and the show’s layout was perfect. The group performed for a bit, then the three songwriters took turns playing their solo material. It was a fantastic way to structure the show. It meant we got to enjoy full-band setups of songs from Dear Companion as well as My Morning Jacket tunes like “Golden” and “Where to Begin.”

But even amid a set full of My Morning Jacket tunes, I think my favorite song of the night was the full band performance of “Dear Companion.” It started with a strong and loud hit of the snare drum and turned into one of the best songs of the night. Daniel’s got a great voice — but so do Ben and Jim.

Another highlight was when a girl stood up after the applause following a performance of MMJ’s “Gideon” and yelled “why are you people sitting down?! Stand up!” Then Daniel Martin Moore started playing a slow song of his and told the audience “you might want to sit back down… just trying to be realistic”

At the end of the second encore of the night, we got the second cover of the night* (the first was a Jim James-sung cover of Leadbelly’s “Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie”) The three finely-dressed men of Kentucky did a great performance of “Save the Last Dance for Me” by the Drifters. As ways to end your 2+ hour long set go, that was a pretty good one.

* oops. Forgot that DMM also did a cover of “Forever Young” that was dedicated to his father.

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5 thoughts on “Jim James, Ben Sollee + Daniel Martin Moore @ Lexington Opera House 7.23.10”

  1. This sounds like it was an AWESOME set (especially for you to like it enough to stay for 2hours)!

    And for the young lady to yell out “stand up” and Daniel Martin Moore to respond, “actually you should sit..” (LOL!), I would have loved to SEE that (in person or video).

    Sounded fun. I’ll have to try to catch the performance next time…


  2. Best show I’ve seen in Lexington in the past 4 years. Easily.

    More importantly: MTR is an issue that has been purposely hidden by major media forces. In order to stop it, we have to spread the word. These guys (and others) are crucial in that fight.

  3. Probably the best show I have ever seen in Lexington. It was certainly the most surprising, as I couldn’t have imagined how they would share the stage and make it work.

    A quick response to Scott’s post about MTR being purposely hidden by major media forces. The truth is worse than the conspiracy that he suggests. Strip mining was not newsworthy. It was in the same news category as tobacco harvesting.

    Strip mining providing an economic impact that lasted about half a generation. Kentucky wasn’t raped by corporate interests, Kentucky and its citizens were complicit. Kentucky and its citizens made no effort to hold the mining companies accountable for their actions. It was no secret what was happening. You didn’t need a helicopter to see the impact. Kentucky didn’t value its natural resources.

    It’s time that we take moral responsibility for our collective actions. We get the politicians we deserve and the legal framework we deserve. Yes, corporate interests have influence, money, and power, but only because we don’t give a damn and are too lazy to participate in the process.

    Blame the press. Blame corporate greed. Blame the politicians. Hold a benefit concert. Feel good about yourself for a couple of hours. It takes more than that.

  4. I bought a ticket to the show as an MMJ fan and had no idea about the treat that I was in for. The music played at the Lexington Opera House this particular evening was truly remarkable. A drum set, a cello, an acoustic guitar, and a 4 string electric bass manned by extraordinary musicians makes for a very unique and wonderful vibe. It was a powerful fusion of all types of styles from rock to folk to country to blues to whatever it is that makes your toes tap. I had so much fun at this concert and will cherish my memory of it. God bless these men.

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