LCD Soundsystem @ Pitchfork 7.17.10

Let me get this out there early: I don’t really care for LCD Soundsystem’s new album. It’s a pretty big snooze as far as I’m concerned. What I do care for, however, is LCD Soundsystem’s live show. I’ve seen them twice now and they’re been fantastic both times.

Maybe my favorite part of LCD Soundsystem’s show happened just after I got out of the photo pit. We got out on the left side of the stage and had to start making our way through the crowd. A line of people with huge grins pushed their way to the side of me — it wasn’t until the 10th or so person in line when I realized that it was a huge conga line snaking its way through the crowd! I don’t know how many people ultimately wound up in it, but I did see it pop up toward the back of the crowd about half an hour later.

Some of the new songs were OK (“Drunk Girls”) and all the classics were fantastic (“Daft Punk…” & “All My Friends”), but the best moment for me came in a combination of two songs I love to hear live. The band started a slow clap that turned into the quick tempo of “Movement” and then they took the guitar solo that ended that song and transitioned into “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

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8 thoughts on “LCD Soundsystem @ Pitchfork 7.17.10”

  1. Gotta give the new album another shot. I think it’s their best actually. Maybe my favorite album of the year.

  2. You really need to get photos of THE band. LCD has a crazy set up that’s all clustered up and awesome that no gets. And I love it. But no band photos? Weak.

  3. I’m gonna say that James Murphy is obviously a student of music and “This is Happening” almost seems to be his homage to electronica’s past. There are so many Can moments and Berlin era Bowie moments that, if you are familiar with that era, which I’m sure you are, will put a smile on your face.

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